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Insurance Claims Made Easy

readyclaim product details

Setting up a readyclaim home account is easy and you can access it by PC and/or an iPhone/Android app. It enables you to quickly discover, value and record all your home contents. It is a task that even your children can help you with as it is far easier to use than their computer games! The more detail you record, the easier the task when it comes to a claim…

readyclaim uses state of the art technology and enables you to carry out 90% of the asset discovery process whilst on the move throughout your home. There are four types of residence to choose from when you register… house, townhouse, bungalow and flat. To save time each has a basic configuration including kitchen, lounge, and bedrooms with furniture, carpets and curtains. Our videos talk you through the process of using your home account. You can add an annexe or name a room for student assets. Take the pictures on campus and make sure these items are covered with your insurer.

Fast track your insurance claim

The minimum that insurers recommend is that you create your virtual home environment, add icons representing the main assets within the rooms, take photos of the assets and documents including invoices, certificates of authenticity for pictures etc. It is also recommended that you take a minimum of two pictures of each room to show the layout of the assets and attach them to the room icon. When you commit the data via wireless or a mobile network connection, your data will then be safe and ready within your account. You can simply print a report when you need to make a claim that will aid a quick payout.

The advantages to you as an insurance policy holder are as follows:

  • Ensures true contents of value insured
  • Quick accurate claim
  • Smooth claim process
  • Easy to use
  • Low cost
  • Peace of mind

Lifetime Subscription

readyclaim is available on a one off subscription of £85. Alternatively below are a list of insurance brokers that offer readyclaim within their home contents insurance policies.

  • Keychoice
  • Jelf
  • Top Marques Insurance
  • RS Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  • The Insurance Store
  • Diamond Insurance
  • BNF Insurance Services
  • Harrington Miller & Company

Data Storage & Security

readyclaim is an internet service and is a secure haven for customer data compared to the home.

Our chosen data centre is an international data hosting company who have 5 hosting centers. The servers are replicated, with a complete database backup every 2 hours. In addition to this there are secure daily backups.

Our password protection is eight characters, which must include one number, one alpha character and one special character…a higher password security than most banks.

No personal details including home addresses are required when registering an account.