Valuing and recording home contents

Don't get short changed on a claim

Research shows that over 90% of householders would not be able to make an accurate home contents insurance claim in the event of a major fire, theft or flood. On top of that, we are all under insured an average of 30% lower than the true value of our contents.

Not many of us realise that insurers will ask for proof of ownership in the event of a substantial claim, which can include purchasing documentation and photographs Read More. Filing invoices and photos in a cupboard can be useless in the event of a fire or flood.

Our house and contents is one of life's biggest investments, so make sure you are ready to make a claim.

Relieve your stress with readyclaim

Anyone who has experienced the heartbreak of a major fire, theft or flood will tell you that the added stress of a long drawn out claim is soul destroying. If you're banking on it not happening to you, then ask yourself, 'why am I paying the insurance?' Here are some of the reasons why you do. The following are average annual UK statistics on house burglaries, fires and flood claims:

  • £450 million paid out on flood claims (six million homes are now at risk)
  • A house is burgled every 37 seconds - 400,000+ result in loss claims
  • 15,000 significant house fires

For a couple of hours of your time this doesn't have to be the case. Simply setup a secure home contents account with readyclaim. Your home account can be accessed through a PC and iPhone/Android app. It enables you to create a virtual image of your home and add all your assets such as furniture and jewellery with the aid of icons. Then simply take photos of the rooms and assets plus any relevant documents such as invoices or certificates and attach them to the asset icon. There are additional fields for putting more useful information in, such as purchase details. You can add a room or annexe for assets off site such as student's belongings

In the event of a claim, you can simply print an insurance report. After all, would you prefer weeks of form filling and research, or shopping for your new furniture and clothes?

Fast track your insurance payout with readyclaim

The result is a quick and accurate insurance claim should you become a victim of theft, fire or even a flood. And the system even keeps you up to date on the value of your assets against your sum insured giving you total peace of mind. Watch our product videos with voiceover